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Take the frustration out of your campaigns with customized and personalized, yet professional services

We’ve all been there, right?

The script is universal, and usually starts with your friendly customer service REP saying something like “Let me pull your account...” Then, you need to spend a frustrating amount of time bringing this (nth) REP up to speed on your problem because you were shuffled onto the next REP without the problem ever being resolved.

This never happens at SAECULII YK (Japan, Tokyo).

Here's the reason why you always get custom Japanese Online Marketing Services for your campaigns:

  • Single point-of-contact project manager
    You get your own professional project manager for the whole duration of the project. This means you get to deal with a single person with intimate knowledge of your project that has the authority to resolve issues to your satisfaction.

  • Different project same professionals
    Your online marketing campaigns are always assigned to the same specialist. Overtime, your team will gain intimate knowledge of your materials, allowing them to deal with potential issues before they arise.

We understand that problems don’t just go away -- They need to be solved! We also know that solving problems with quality solutions in a timely manner saves everyone time, effort and money (not least of all our company).

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